Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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Dear Analisa,

I miss you so much! Being ALWAYS surrounded by girls who think they’re funny but aren’t makes me miss you even more than I already did :( I miss the random little things you’d say and comment on that would make me laugh so hard! I’ll make a random comment to the girls on either side of me and they totally don’t get it like you would. I miss laughing with you if that makes any sense. I wish you were my companion. We would be the best companionship EVER!! I’m sooo glad we’re sisters so we can be “companions” when I get home. Being around all these girls makes me want to tell you how awesome I think you are. There isn’t a single girl on earth as gorgeous, talented, sweet, caring, and hilarious as you are. I’m dead serious when I say you’re the most AMAZING girl I know. It’s crazy to me how beautiful you are and don’t let it go to your head AT ALL! AND you’re genuinely a NICE person who cares for others. There isn’t another person like you! You have this contagious glow and spirit about you that no other “cool” girl will ever have. You don’t have to go on a mission because you touch people’s hearts, strengthen people’s testimonies and bring people unto Christ everyday. You’re celestial :) I have no idea who you are going to marry, but don’t get married till you are 20-21 when I’m there:) You’re going to be the best wife/mom EVER! Our kids are going to be BEST friends! I can tell.

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Once you get married you can help me cause I’m going to be an awkward mess, ha ha ha. Anyway, I love the HECK out of you and hope school and all that is awesome because YOU’RE awesome!

Love, Hermana Nielson

P.S. Write me back whenever someone get’s married or engaged and keep me updated on who’s dating who :))

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