Monday, April 22, 2013


Oh my sweet Family... Hi :) Words cant even describe how I’m feeling right now. It is so hot here I feel like my flesh is melting off of my bones. It’s been so hard :( Living in a little shack with a dirt floor, no running water, not knowing the language, not being able to understand anything anyone is saying... Holy cow. My companion is a little Latina and its so hard for us to communicate. I can’t express my feelings to her or anyone, and it makes me want to cry. A huge part of me wants to quit this and go back home to be with my beautiful family, but I know this is where I’m supposed to be and I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I miss music, I miss talking, but most of all, I miss you all. Now to end talking about the sad stuff and on to the happy.

I LOVE walking around these dirt roads and looking at all these beautiful brown faces. I love the people so much. The people here really care for me which I wasn't expecting. They always make sure I’m okay and ask me how I’m doing and give me fresca. I LOVE fresca. The KIDS here... Oh mom and dad... I don’t know what it is about me, but the kids LOVE me. They are all my little guardian angels. They scream Hermana Nielson, Hermana Nielson every time I pass by, and they tackle hug and love me. They like touching my white skin haha. They taught me all the parts of my body and all my numbers :) I LOVE all the rabid dogs running around too haha. There's this one puppy I play with everyday and its the CUTEST little thing. We have a rooster that wakes us up at 4 every morning. I want to shoot it in the face. I have countless bug bites all over my legs it looks like a have chicken pocks. They’re super itchy.  I need to buy a mosquito net. I eat a mango off of the tree every morning and I think they’re DELICIOUS. I haven’t gotten sick yet and I’m petting dogs and rolling in the dirt, so that's nothing short of a miracle.

The people here are so poor its unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They all live in little tin shacks and sleep in the dirt. They don’t really wear clothes either haha. We walk door to door all day in the hot sun in our hot clothes. I am in DESPERATE need of t shirts. My clothes are too “nice” and I’ll get robbed, so they said I need to blend. If you could send me some plain colored v neck t shirts (like the kind from Old Navy) that I won't have to layer, that would be wonderful. Send as at least 7 :)

I show EVERYONE our family pictures and they are all in love with our family! They think mom is the prettiest thing they have ever seen! They take such good care of me here mom, so don’t worry. They told me to tell you that I am in good hands :)

 My compañera, Hermana Vasques is a little Guatemalan girl. She is sooo energetic and crazy I can’t handle her some times. She talks sooo fast, but every day I understand more and more of what she, and our investigators are saying. I wish I already knew Spanish. Not knowing this language is my biggest trial. My feet are beat red morning, noon and night. I don’t know what to do to get the swelling, redness and pain down. They’re red because of the heat and humidity, and all the Nicas are so worried it.They don’t understand that its because of the climate difference so they give me sunscreen and all sorts of stuff to help, haha. The Nicaraguan sun doesn’t burn me, so I’m still as white as I was when I left you.

I love you all so much its ridiculous! Even though its hard being here, I know the time will fly, and I’ll be back with all of you again a new and better person. PLEASE pray for me, because I am in desperate need of your prayers. I really do love it here, its just freaking hot.

Until next week!

With love,
Hermana Nielson.


  1. Love this letter! So cool to hear about Nicarugua. Thanks for sharing these. :)

  2. I want to share a quote from Mitt Romney: "Embrace every dimension of living that challenges you, that educates you, that elevates you." He said this in the commencement address at SVU. I know Sarah has that determination and the knowledge that all things work together for our good. She is a strong woman and will swim through the hard times and in the end will feel so blessed by all these experiences. We are so proud of her. The Lord is always near. Love, Love and more Love to Sarah, our heroine.

  3. wow. I just got my mission call and will be serving in the Nicaragua managua north mission! i report to the mexico mtc on september 4th! i cannot express how excited and more prepared these posts have made me...and a little nervous! haha. thanks so much and if you have any suggestions or advice, i would love some! thanks!

    1. Dear Hermana Rogers,

      I am so happy that you found Sarah's blog and that it has helped you. Congratulations on your call! If you or your mom haven't signed on to LDSMissionaryMoms you should do it today. Just type it into Google and it will be the 1st thing to come up. The ladies are full of insights and can answer any questions you might have. I know of another sister entering the MTC in Mexico heading to your same mission. Her name is Breanne Wilardson. I will pass your info on to her, if it's okay with you, and maybe you gals can compare notes. Best of luck on your preparations! I'm sure you will be wonderful! Keep in touch.