Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An early Mother's Day surprise!

My cell phone rang several times with a number I didn't recognize from Miami, Florida. "Hello", I said repeatedly with no response. Silence. After the 5th attempt I thought, it's either a really determined telemarketer or my Dad calling from Mexico with some funky calling card. And then finally, the broken up words, "Mom, this is Sarah!" OH MY GOSH!!! I screamed so loud Analisa who was down stairs blow drying her hair ran up shouting, I want to talk! Oh my sweet baby Sarah, I love you and can't tell you how proud I am of you, I poured through the phone! She cried and said how good it was to hear my voice. I am calling to schedule a time to talk to you on Dia De Las Madres she said proudly. I could hear her being rushed. I only have a minute left she said so I spoke in the phone as fast as I could telling her how much I loved her and enjoyed her letters and could imagine chickens and rabid dogs following her around on the dirt roads of Nicaragua! All that for a girl who refused to go to girls camp, I added. She just laughed and laughed. I know, she beamed. What a blessing! Analisa and I had smiles we couldn't wipe off. "Day made", Analisa said. I couldn't agree more :)

I received more pics from her time at the CCM from her dear friend Hermana S. What a beautiful, radiant bunch of missionaries!

 photo 067-1.jpg
 photo 059.jpg
 photo 034.jpg
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Blanca Nieves

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  1. Love that last picture of Sarah. So cute!!!