Monday, June 24, 2013

Un pedazo de tu corazón

My wonderful family and loved ones :)

Oh the joy of missionary work. The love I have for these people is unlike anything I have ever felt. The hours we've spent praying for them, fasting for them, serving them, and teaching them goes by all too fast, and the only thing I wish I had was more time to spend with each of them. When I left my old area and into my new one, I cried for the investigators I had to leave behind. I find myself praying, still praying for them and their salvation even though they are now in the hands of others. Because of the way things are in the mission world, with Elders and Hermanas quickly moving from one area to the next and taking the place of others, I couldn't help but feel slightly discouraged. I felt that I was just a body in the Lords hands and any Hermana could easily take my place, baptize the same people, and have the same experiences. It wasn't until last night that I was reminded of my individual worth in this 65,000 plus sea of missionaries. I received a text message from my #1 favorite investigator from my 1st area who I had worried had forgotten me which read:

'Existen personas que por mas que quieras jamas podrás olvidar... son parte de tu vida, son 1 pedazo de tu corazón, 1 capitulo de tu historia, y por mas que a tu lado dejen de estar de tu memoria y de tus recuerdos nunca desaparecerán. En mi vida, en mi corazón, 'USTED' Hermana Nielson es 1 de esas personas. Gracias por TODO. ' 

I'm not just a body. The Lord needed and picked specifically me to be here at this time, in this place and with these people. For that I am now certain.

Until next time :)

Hermana Nielson
aka Hermanita Sonrisa

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with Paula


  1. Look! She's getting tan! Great letter, even though I didn't understand the spanish. Ha!ha!

  2. Carrie, I couldn't understand the letter either so I put it into google translate and this is what it said...
    "There are people who for more than you ever want to forget ... are part of your life, are one piece of your heart, 1 chapter of your story, and for more than your next stop be from your memory and your memories will never disappear. In my life, in my heart, 'YOU' Sister Nielson is one of those people. Thank you for ALL."

  3. Thank you for the Translation Analisa.
    Every missionary is a blessing to those they connect with even for the smallest time.