Tuesday, August 27, 2013

living in the HOOD

Hello my wonderful family and friends! How are you guys? I hope your week was awesome =)

We had changes this week and I am now in Managua with a new companion! Managua is sooo Ghetto. Mom, I am living in the HOOD! Im going to come out of this place a gangsta.

My new companion is the wonderful... drum roll please... Hermana Shaffer! Hermana Shaffer is the mission nurse. She is answering phones all day helping Elders with dog/scorpion bites, rashes, stomach/bathroom problems and dengue. An Elder had to get circumcised the other day and all sorts of crazy stuff. It's a little hectic, but I'm kind of enjoying hearing about all the mission drama. Hermana Shaffer is hilarious and she thinks I'm hilarious too, so our companionship is going just splendidly =)

We were sitting in a lesson with a bunch of die hard Evangelicos and Hermana Shaffer had to answer the nurse phone and leave me. It was a call from an Elder who got stung by a scorpion.Turns out he was allergic so she was gone forever! I got stuck explaining to all of them why their baptism wasn't valid. Haha agh... Gotta love the mission.

Anyways, while being in Nicaragua these last few months, my companions and I have been blessed with 9 baptisms! Sweet little Hermana Shaffer has been out for over 13 and has only had 3... (not that numbers matter all that much) BUT my goal is to baptize as many as we can with our time together to help lift her spirits. I'm going around 'fetcha-ing' (making baptismal dates) with EVERYONE, so hopefully we will be baptizing soon!

AND! You all MUST go through the temple and do a session for me because the church has made a brand new video! We have heard is cooler than Planet Earth (the awesome HDTV show on the Discovery Channel) and is absolutely WONDERFUL! We are sooo jealous we can't see it, so you have to go see it for me =)

Anyways, this gospel is so true and I love it so much. I have learned so much on my mission thus far I don't even know where to begin. All I want to say for now, is that I love you guys more than words can describe. Thank you for taking such good care of me while being out here, and I cant wait to talk to you next week.

Love, Hermana Nielson

p.s. My spanish is kinda getting good... I know. Its a miracle! =)

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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hello my loved ones!

How are you guys? I miss you sooo much and hope you had an awesome week. Everything's good over here other than Hermana Anderson has changes this Wednesday :( I will miss her so much. 

We had a WONDERFUL baptism this week to the amazing Pedro Ocampo Cano! (AKA Albert Einstein) Pedro is an absolute genius and has his own radio show here in Granada. He knows the Bible cover to cover, and could answer any question you could possibly ask with an hour long response. He already knows the Book of Mormon better than we do, and its been an honor being able to learn from him. The secrets of the gospel this man knows are just astounding. He had to get baptized in secret (our next project is his wife) but I can't wait for him to go through the temple someday. Hermana Anderson and I are going to come back and go through with him in Honduras. He just discovered Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price and is in complete and total heaven! His children Dharma y Alain are recent converts as well, and couldn't be more proud of their Papa! I'm trying to send pics of the baptism and I'm praying they work... But if not, I love you guys sooo much and hope you have a wonderful week!

Hermana Nielson

P.S. Mom thank you sooo much for the pics! I LOVE them :) And if you can, could you put a little money in my account? Estoy pobre :(  Muah!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

to the moon and back

Mom! Sorry its been so long since I've been able to write. The internet connection was sooo bad. It took me over an hour so send you those pics last week!  But I've been thinking about you and the fam all week and love you all more than you know.

Ah, those pics of Anna at her wedding were so beautiful. I am so happy for her. Tell Katherine to tell Emmy to tell her, that she's the most beautiful bride on earth and I couldn't be more happy for her.

A part of me was a little jealous at 1st, wishing I was the one back in Utah getting married. What brought me comfort was asking myself, would I rather be getting married, or coming closer to Christ. I would rather be coming closer to Christ hands down. So bring on the wedding pics. I LOVE them!

Nothing to report over here other than Oscar is now president of the Young Men! Its so cute watching him teach all of these 13 and 14 year hooligans. Its the best. We had a BEAUTIFUL baptism and marriage last week to Alejandro and Margina (the parents of little Jesus Miguel). The are sooo solid and I love them so much.

Hermana Anderson only has 6 months left. How crazy is that? We are absolute best friends. We love each other so much its kind of ridiculous. We're going to be in each others weddings and everything. She's the best friend I have EVER had and I'm going to visit her at her ranch in Arizona after the mission! The love she has for me is almost overwhelming. We are going to be friends for the rest of our lives. I cant wait for you to meet her someday. Honestly, if it wasn't for Hermana Anderson I don't know how I would be able to to this. She is my greatest blessing.

As for my foot fungus, it’s still there and there's not much I can do. But don't worry, other than that I’m super healthy and my hair is doing nothing but growing out of control!

The time is going to FLY. I have officially completed 5 months! 13 more to go :)

Tell Dad Analisa Katherine Matthew Joseph and little Sammy that I love them all so much and miss them like crazy! Have a wonderful week mama. I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Hermana Nielson

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A picture tells a thousand words

Our last email delivered the following pictures with corresponding captions:

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 Living the life
 photo DSC00852.jpg
Loving the life
 photo DSC00893.jpg
Best Wedding EVER
 photo DSC00916.jpg
Best baptism EVER

Couldn't be happier :)