Tuesday, August 27, 2013

living in the HOOD

Hello my wonderful family and friends! How are you guys? I hope your week was awesome =)

We had changes this week and I am now in Managua with a new companion! Managua is sooo Ghetto. Mom, I am living in the HOOD! Im going to come out of this place a gangsta.

My new companion is the wonderful... drum roll please... Hermana Shaffer! Hermana Shaffer is the mission nurse. She is answering phones all day helping Elders with dog/scorpion bites, rashes, stomach/bathroom problems and dengue. An Elder had to get circumcised the other day and all sorts of crazy stuff. It's a little hectic, but I'm kind of enjoying hearing about all the mission drama. Hermana Shaffer is hilarious and she thinks I'm hilarious too, so our companionship is going just splendidly =)

We were sitting in a lesson with a bunch of die hard Evangelicos and Hermana Shaffer had to answer the nurse phone and leave me. It was a call from an Elder who got stung by a scorpion.Turns out he was allergic so she was gone forever! I got stuck explaining to all of them why their baptism wasn't valid. Haha agh... Gotta love the mission.

Anyways, while being in Nicaragua these last few months, my companions and I have been blessed with 9 baptisms! Sweet little Hermana Shaffer has been out for over 13 and has only had 3... (not that numbers matter all that much) BUT my goal is to baptize as many as we can with our time together to help lift her spirits. I'm going around 'fetcha-ing' (making baptismal dates) with EVERYONE, so hopefully we will be baptizing soon!

AND! You all MUST go through the temple and do a session for me because the church has made a brand new video! We have heard is cooler than Planet Earth (the awesome HDTV show on the Discovery Channel) and is absolutely WONDERFUL! We are sooo jealous we can't see it, so you have to go see it for me =)

Anyways, this gospel is so true and I love it so much. I have learned so much on my mission thus far I don't even know where to begin. All I want to say for now, is that I love you guys more than words can describe. Thank you for taking such good care of me while being out here, and I cant wait to talk to you next week.

Love, Hermana Nielson

p.s. My spanish is kinda getting good... I know. Its a miracle! =)

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  1. Darling Happy Hermana Nielson. She looks so beautiful and full of sunshine. Love her so so much and so proud of her. What an adventure. The new companion looks like a great fit for her and I am so happy that her Spanish is getting good. She is a "winno" winner! Thanks for publishing these wonderful letters.