Monday, November 18, 2013

Got behind on letter posting! Here's a good one

November 18, 2013

Mi familia!

How are you all? Did you have a good week? I hope so :) I miss you so much and pray for every single one of you every day. Everything is good over here with Hna Garia and I. Our area is huge but is in the middle of the Capital so its REALLY hard to find people to teach.We have families and investigators but they're not progressing. Its gets discouraging at times, but we've just gotta be patient with them and they'll eventually come around. All we've been praying for as of late is just 1 positive family. I LOVE families :)

We received a reference from the Elders about a little family they ran into the other day and we were sooo stoked. YES a family por FIN! We were disappointed to find their address completely IMPOSSIBLE to find. We asked just about everyone where the 'Cooperativa Juan Walkin Pedro freaking Valle' was but no one had any idea. After just about giving up I asked a random man passing by and he said 'Yeah I know where it is. Follow me.' Hna Garcia was SUPER skeptical, haha. For all we knew he could have been a robber leading us away to get robbed. After what seemed like miles 'Here is is.' He said, and we were in front of the house we had been searching for. Before we could say thank you, the man was gone.

That man MUST have been one of the 3 Nephites or something because WOW. We NEVER would have found it without him :) Inside that house was the most wonderful positive family I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was like they had been waiting for us to come their whole lives. Miracles happen every day on the mission, but this little miracle was an answer to my little prayers.

In a blessing I received a little bit ago, it said
'People will come to you to receive the blessing of the gospel waiting for them' and yes :) Here they come :)

Have a wonderful week you guys! The church is true and I love yoooou!

Love, Hermana Nielson

PS: new music for mom :)

Tu y Yo - Maite Perroni

Loco - Enrique Iglesias and Romeo Santos

Te Perdiste Mi Amor - Thalia and Prince Royce

Romeo Santos - Propuesta Indecente (its kind of heavy bachata but you might like it. ALL the little tiny kids know EVERY SINGLE world haha!)


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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God Bless the USA


How are you guys?? I hope you all had an AWESOME Halloween! I wish I could have been there to see everyone in their costumes and be a part of the fun :( I miss you all sooo much! 

Halloween over here in Nicaragua is Memorial Day, so they just decorate the grave yards all pretty and flowery. They have a day of the dead in early December though where everyone dresses up as skeletons and demons and run around reeking havoc. 

I found out Christmas is different over here too! They stay up ALL night Christmas Eve and shoot off fireworks and things at midnight. Kind of like New Years, I guess. But when Nicaraguans party, they part sooo hard. Everyone is drunk, roaming around the streets and passed out everywhere. I wish they had laws against things like that like they do in in the states. I don't like watching the news here either. They show EVERYTHING and talk using the worst slander I've ever heard. God bless the USA. But I DO like that you can blast your music as loud as you want here, the year round personal fireworks (like the good old Nielson Cul-de-sac of Fire) but every day! Ha ha. Another cool thing about Nicaragua, the more people you can fit into a moving vehicle the better. Ha ha.

Everything is great over here with Hna Garcia and me. I love this area soooo MUCH and never want to leave.The members here have become my dearest and closest friends. I feel so loved and appreciated its almost overwhelming. The day I leave this area will be one of the saddest days of my life :( 

We almost got robbed the other day! It was SUPER scary but Hna Garcia is from El Salvador and is trained in these types of things. She grabbed my arm and yanked me away from some creepo who I didn't even know was there and we RAN away. I have no doubt angels are protecting us because it is a MIRACLE nothing has happened to us. Elder Bringhurst got robbed the other day just a block away from where we were. The Lord takes SUPER good care of His Hermanas.

In other news, Elder Harmon is my new Zone Leader. Crazy huh? He's trying to convert ALL the Elders to wear skinny jeans when they get home so they can get married. Ha ha. He goes home in December with his hipster glasses :)

Anyways, I really miss you guys in the good old USA :( ESPECIALLY now that its the Holiday season. Know that I think of you all everyday and you are ALWAYS in my prayers. 

The church is the most true thing in the entire world and I love it so much. And I love YOU guys! Have an AWESOME week and I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Hna Nielson