Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My last missionary email

Hey family

This week has been... surreal. I can hardly believe this incredible journey has come to a close. I have never felt the way I feel right now in my entire life. I feel so sad to be leaving the people who I have grown to love so much. Walking down these dirt covered roads this week, memories of my mission have been flooding through my mind. I can see all the people and their sweet faces, and I think about how much I love them. From my first convert to my last, they will all FOREVER have such a special place in my heart. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to have such an incredible experience. I was taken out of my little Utah bubble and put into this country that completely opened my eyes. The way I see everything is different now. During my time here I have suffered more pain and trails than I ever had in my entire life, but at the same time I have never been sooo happy :´)

I have learned so many things over the course of this year and a half. I will share everything with you all in its due time, but the most important thing that I have learned out here and will be taking home with me in a couple days, is my testimony :) I love our Savior Jesus Christ. I have come to know Him on a very personal level, and can tell you all that He lives. He lives and loves us and died so we can live with Him again. 
My mission has prepared my for the rest of my life. I am now prepared to be a better sister, better daughter, better teacher, better wife, and better mother. Nothing has ever meant more to me than what my mission means to me. Because of my mission, I am who I am, and I am who I will be for the rest of my life.
I love you all so much. I'll keep this email short so because I will be able to talk to you and see you all in just a couple of days! Oh my GOSH!

I love you all so much and will see you sooo soon. For the mean time, have a WONDERFUL week and prepare yourselves. I'm coming home :)

Love, Hermana Nielson

Here are some pics of my last p-day hanging out with some Nortes from California who were catching me up on EVERYTHING today haha, the Zone eating some lunch, and my favorite family in the WORLD who gets baptized this Saturday, Lenin, Katherine and their little daughter Cielo :)

 photo DSC03301jpg.jpg  photo DSC03294jpg.jpg  photo DSC03279jpg.jpg

Monday, July 21, 2014


July 21

Hey everyone!
Oh my GOSH I miss you guys! Can you believe I'm coming home?? I'm so excited to see you all you have no idea :D These last 21 days I have left are going to be behind me all too fast... I feel so sad that my time here is going to end, but happy to see all of you again.

We had a baptism of Saturday to a little boy named Virgilio. He is SO cute its not even funny. His older brother Wilford who is a member, was by his side the entire time. Teaching him was one of the cutest sweetest things I have ever been apart of.

The day of his baptism we needed the signiture of his grandma, but we couldnt find her! We waited at his house for an hour but she still hadnt come back. I decided to look around the house for some reason, and I found her passed OUT on her bed! She would NOT wake up for anything. We tried poking her and calling out her name but NOTHING worked. My companion thought it was hilarious so she took a picture. She woke up like half an hour later and she was concious enough to sign the paper. She fell back asleep 2 seconds later... haha! Lesson learned: Don't mess with Nicaraguans and their sleep :P

Hahaha anways... I love you all so much and cant tell you enough how much I love this gospel. These 17 months really have been the most life changing months of my entire life. I cant wait to see you all again and tell you everything that I've learned. Until then, here are a couple little pics we took this week. I love you all so much and will talk to you soon!

Love, Hermana Nielson

 photo DSC03200jpg.jpg  photo DSC03198jpg.jpg
 photo DSC03196jpg.jpg

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update on Oscar

Hey family & friends!

How are you all? I hope you all had an awesome fourth of July! It should be getting hot outside isn't it? I hope you are enjoying another beautiful summer in Utah and had an amazing week.

Do you guys remember one of my first few converts named Oscar that we baptized over a year ago? He was in our ward Sunday! It was the most incredible thing! He now has a mission call to Honduras and leaves next month! He bore his testimony and it was so strong. He has a beautiful girl friend who is going to serve a mission too and they are going to get married when they both return home. In this one year after his baptism, the course of his entire life has completely changed because we had found him. Seeing the end result of what we do was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. I couldn't be more grateful to have had the opportunity to be here, and see the blessings that the Lord has had in store for these people long before we even met them.

I love you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week. In one month I will be HOME and be able to give you all hugs in person, but until then here's a virtual one :) I love you guys so much and will talk to you soon!

Love, Hna Nielson

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Monday, June 30, 2014

sick little missionary

June 30, 2014

Hey family!

This week was SO crazy I cant even tell you. I got super SUPER sick and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. After I would eat anything my tummy would swell up like a BALLOON and it looked like I was pregnant... I was like OH my gosh my tummy is EXPLODING! So we took some anti parasite pills to see if that would work but it didn't. After throwing up and having a super miserable night (a super miserable few days actually), we took a trip to the hospital. I HATE the hospital as you all know, but after taking an ultra sound and drawing my blood (I know I almost passed out haha) they found out I had had a TON of things wrong with me. I had a urinary infection, an infection in my colon, another ovarian cyst, a respiratory infection AND... parasites. So I was just a poor sick little missionary haha. But they have me on lots of pills and I am feeling SO much better, and I'm going to finish these last five weeks of my mission strong. I'm gonna send you all some pics of my tummy (it was HUGE haha) me and all my pills, and then some pics of what we eat for lunch today.

Anyways, I love you guys so much. Have a WONDERFUL week and know that I'm happy, alive and will be home in no time. The church is truuuuue and I love yoooooou :)

Love, Hna Nielson

 photo sicky1.jpg

Monday, June 23, 2014


June 23, 2014

Hey family!

How are you all? I miss you guys so much hope everything is awesome over there in the summer time.

Everything's good over here in Granada. My companion Hermana Pereira is great and we've been getting along super well. I'm so happy the Lord blessed me with someone so nice to end my time here on the mission. Its REALLY really hott here, but we tough it out okay. I got really sunburned the first few days but its turning into a tan now which is awesome!

Our area is the poorest area I have ever been in, so its been really sad for me to see the way these people are living, you know? But the house my compaƱera and I have is BEAUTIFUL. It has a lil balcony and EVERYTHING. I KNEW the Lord would bless me with a pretty house to end with haha.

In other news, we had a baptism on saturday to a lady named Margury! She was SO ready to be baptized when I came so it was really awesome.  Her two little girls we screaming and crying when she got in the water cause they thought she was going to drown for some reason, but she still felt the spirit which was good haha.

The church is true, I love you, and I wish you all a WONDERFUL week :)

Love, Hermana Nielson

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Transfer Day

June 16

Hey mom!

I had changes and am back in Granada! (aka the hottest place in the WORLD) My companion is SUPER chill :) Her name is Hermana Pereira and is from Guatemala. She has 3 months to go and is SO awesome. We have a SUPER awesome house that has its own little balcony! Its great. I'll take some more pics and send them next week. I love you!


Hermana Nielson

 photo changes1.jpg
Saying goodbye to dear friends

 photo changes3.jpg
Bags packed waiting for transfers

 photo changes2.jpg
New home with Hermana Pereira
 photo Granda7.jpg
 photo granada7.jpg Granada!

Monday, June 2, 2014

P-Day at the Beach

 photo sarahbeachpics.jpg

Duct Tape

June 2, 2014

Hey family!

I will be home soon! Isn't that crazy? I still can't even believe it haha. I've been going through all of my stuff and there is a TON I haven't even used haha. Lotion, sunscreen, aloe-vera, little shampoos, razors, batteries and all sorts of little things we thought I would need nearly 15 months ago.

The funniest thing that Mom put in there was, duck tape. I have had a whole roll of duck tape just sitting there and I've NEVER used it... UNTIL this week. 

The Hermanas of Jinotepe who are REALLY good friends of mine were trying to organize the baptism of a little boy with a broken arm. He wasn't going to be able to be baptized because he couldn't get his arm wet. They were all ¨Man... I wish we had some duck tape from the states so we could just duck tape a plastic bag around his arm...¨ That's when I said, ¨Hey, you know what? I think I have some!¨ And sure enough, I had a whole unused roll of it just sitting in my suitcase haha. So my MOM was the cause of a little boys baptism, because she was in tune enough with the Spirit to know that I would need it, 15 months in the future. 

Isn't that awesome?? You're a hero mom. Thank you :)

And THEN! That night it was POURING rain and bugs of EVERY kind were invading our little house. Ants, bees, cockroaches, wasps, mosquitoes and all these awful little bugs were coming in the house through the spaces in the walls and windows. We were screaming and trying to kill them all when I thought, oh my gosh, I can seal the spaces around the windows with duck tape. So I did and it SAVED our lives! I was SUPER upset about the bugs haha, so if I look really angry in the picture, I WAS haha. Anyways, it was really cool to see how following the little prompting of the spirit, and the decisions we make from over a year ago, will end up helping us in the times we need it most. I love you guys so much, I love this Church and I love duck tape. 

Have a WONDERFUL week and I'll talk to you all soon. :)

Love, Hermana Nielson 

PS: And here a pic of me and the mission presidents wife who is SO much like my real mom its not even funny haha.

I love you!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Janely & Nicaraguan Chinese Takeout

May 26, 2014

Dear Family :)

Hey you GUYS! Ahhh Skyping you guys on Mothers Day was the best thing EVER! It was SO good to see all of your faces and bask in your awesomeness again. I love you guys so much. You don't even KNOW :)

Can you BELIEVE I'm almost DONE? I cant BELIEVE I'm gonna be home in two and a half months. It didn't feel like it had been that long until I saw Joseph and how he's turned into a little MAN. It was the CRAZIEST thing to see every ones little changes, but you're all still as awesome as ever. I couldn't be more happy about that :)

Over here... We had a BAPTISM on Saturday! Oh my GOSH! Haha you guys it was the BEST! Baptism numero 16 was to the GORGEOUS Janely Mena :) 

Teaching her was just an honor :')  We could really feel how much the Lord loved her which was SUCH a cool experience. I know the Lord doesn't have favorites or anything, but she's really, really special to Him. After she passed her baptismal interview, she was so excited she started crying! She hugged us for a really long time without letting go. After she came out of the water when she got baptized she was BEAMING. We've been beaming ever since too :) The Gospel makes her SO happy and I think that's what has been the best part of all of this. The fact that we were able to be a little part of what made/makes somebody so happy. It makes ALL of this SO worth it. 

After the baptism we had to stay after everyone had left to clean up all the water and stuff. When we left it was really dark and it was hard to find a taxi, but we bought Nicaraguan Chinese takeout (sounds sketchy, I know) but it was SO delicious and we enjoyed the rest of the evening eating that :) It was so awesome, haha.

I just want you all to know that I know this church is true, and the only way to be truly happy in this life is by being apart of it. I'm so glad that YOU'RE all apart of it, and that we can be happy together as a family forever :') 

I love you guys SO much. Thank you so much for taking care of me all of this time with your prayers and your love. Have a WONDERFUL week and I'll talk to you all again soon :)


Hermana Nielson
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 photo DSC02204jpg.jpg

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sisters and a Nicaraguan Kitten

May 5, 2014

 photo DSC0186jpg.jpg  photo DSC0185.jpg  photo DSC0184.jpg

Things are good here! Oh my GOSH Im so excited to see you guys!! :D Talk to you Sunday!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014


April 14, 2014


Helloooooo to you all back in Utah! How ARE you guys?? Haha over here things have been super crazy! Tuesday was THE hottest day of the ENTIRE year. It was SO hot it felt like we were in an oven/sauna. EVERYONE was outside dripping in sweat fanning themselves with papers and stuff. It was so hot that night that we couldn't even sleep. At 2:00 am our bodies were still awake cause it was so hot. I put cold water bottles in my bed but they didn't last for very long. My poor little companion was so frustrated with the heat she started crying. I felt sooo bad for her so I moved her mattress next to the window and gave her two ibuprofen, haha.

 THEN on Thursday we had a lil earth quake! A 6.6 trembler that scared everyone so bad that come Sunday the church was PACKED with people, haha. We were walking down the street when all of the sudden I felt super dizzy... but I wasn't dizzy it was the ground shaking! I blinked to try and like focus. I then saw people start sitting in the middle of the street, so I just did what they did. When it stopped EVERYONE was screaming bloody murder 'LA SANGRE DE CRISTO!!!' (The Blood of Christ) and crying and stuff. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Haha, it was all just so funny to see everyone freaking out ya know? I was looking around for my companion cause her backpack was on the ground next to me. Lo and behold, I could see her way off in the distance running down the street screaming. I was all... where on EARTH is she going... haha! I guess she was running home to Guatemala. Hahahaha ;)

After the shake the power and water were out for 3 days! We couldn't shower or charge the phone or anything, but we got by okay using little candles.

Anyways... This week was pretty adventurous. I hope you guys have an awesome, adventurous week in a safe Utah kind of way :)

The church is TRUE and I love YOU...!

Love, Hna Nielson :)

 photo poweroutage.jpg

Saturday, April 12, 2014


March 31, 2014

Dear family and friends  :)

Oh my gosh you GUYS… Guess what?? We had a baptism on Saturday. Haha yaaaaaaaaay a BAPTISM! I WISH you guys all could have been there cause it was SO awesome :´)  It really was the best baptism in the whole world :)

Baptism number 15 was to the 24 year old Mario Alberto. His story really is one of my favorites out of all of the people I’ve taught. Hna Mackay and I were actually lost when we found him, haha. We were in the middle of nowhere just walking around when we saw him dressed in a white shirt and white pants just standing in front of his house. He said it was so funny to see two white girls who looked like they had taken a wrong turn in the middle of a jungle haha, but he calls us his “Dos Angelitas" every time he sees us.

He had been working as a bar tender making really good money, but the day we taught him about the word of wisdom, he quit his job without even saying anything about it. This guy has lost EVERYTHING... but seeing the change in him from when we 1st met him until now, is incredible. At the end of his baptismal interview, Elder Baldwin asked him if he had anymore questions before the finished. Mario said “Yeah I have one.” They sat in silence for a minute until he asked “Vale la pena? Todo eso?” (Is it… worth it? All of this?) Elder Baldwin reassured him that it was and Mario said “Yo lo creo.” (I believe you.)

Since the 1st time he came to church the ward just fell in love with him. The room for his baptism was FILLED with members and it couldn’t have gone more… beautifully. After he walked out of the font and we gave him his towel. I excitedly asked how he felt. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “Perfectamente bien” :´) I seriously couldn’t be more proud of him.

Before I went to bed that night I just… cried. I’m not even sure exactly why I cried. If it was because I was so grateful that the Lord had picked me to go to Nicaragua to find him? Or because it had been so humbling to see what we had done in bringing his soul unto Christ. Or if we hadn’t found him he wouldn’t have been baptize. Or maybe it had truly hit me that we had literally been the cause of his salvation.The truth is, that night before I went to sleep, I felt that Heavenly Father was really really… proud.

I couldn’t feel more grateful to have been called to serve as a missionary here, and that the Lord lead us to Mario´s door step to teach him the beautiful message of the restored gospel. This truly is the Lord´s work and being a part of it is the best thing that has EVER happened to me.

When my time as a missionary comes to an end, I think I might die from a broken heart. I´m just glad I´ll have you guys to go home to to take care of me haha.

I love you all so much. Until next time, the church is truuuue and I love yoooou…  :)

Love, Hermanita Nielson 

 photo Mario3.jpg photo Mario1.jpg  photo Mario2.jpg

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

A New Companion & A Nicaraguan Proposal

March 24, 2014

Hey family!

Hows everything going over there in Utah?? I miss you guys like CRAZY! I miss you more than ever and hope everything is awesome for you all :)

Over here Hermana Mackay had a transfer. I was SO sad to see her go. I had never cried for a companion before until she left. Watching her go nearly broke my heart, but we’re still going to hang out a TON once we’re both in Utah, and she’s going to be a bridesmaid at my wedding.

BUT, my new companion is Hermana Vasquez from Huehuetenango Guatemala! She’s 25 and the oldest of 11 children! Her mission clothes are the 1st “normal” clothes she has ever worn in her entire life. She only wore ropa typica de Guatemala until she came here. She’s never learned how to read, write, use a computer or a cell pone. She has 4 baby months in the mission and is VERY new. And the craziest part of it all is that she doesn't speak Spanish! Hna Vasquez speaks ´Mam´ a mayan dialect. She’s very shy and doesn't talk much, but is very sweet. I know once she starts getting Spanish down a little better she’ll start opening up more. But she LOVES to clean. She cleans the entire house every night completely spotless and its so adorable haha. I’ll make sure to teach her everything I can during our time together.

We were in the middle of nowhere the other day working when the back part of my shoe completely ripped in half. I tied my scrunchie around it so it could work as a flip flop until we got home, but that didn’t last very long. Right before I was going to have to walk the rest of the way home with one shoe we came to a venta (little shop). She asked the lady there for tape, and my sweet little companion taped the entire back part of my shoe back together. Isn’t that so sweet?? It lasted until we were at the front door of the house and I could change my shoes. So no matter what happens wherever we may be, I know she’ll take care of me.

In other news, our ward Mission leader proposed to me yesterday... haha. I said no (obviously) but he told me he had received personal revelation that I was supposed to be his wife and that he would do anything to get me to fall in love with him and stuff haha. He served as AP when he served his mission in Ecuador so he thinks he’s hot stuff. After his whole shpeel I was like... no. Ha! Ahhh yep. I thought you guys would get a kick out of that.

I have been SUPER sicky for the past little while. I’ve had a scratchy throat, blood shot itchy little eyes, super stuffy/runny nose and this heat rash eczema thing all over my body. I’ve had it for like a month now and we figured out that its hay fever that comes with seasonal allergies. BUT I got a health blessing that said all of the buggies inside of me will go away. Jace is sending me some meds so I´ll be better in no time :)

Anyways, I love you guys so much. This church is so true its crazy and I hope you all have an AWESOME week :) Talk to ya´ll sooooooon :)

Love, Hna Nielson

ps: Dad. I love you :)

pps: Matthew, you’re the bomb :)

ppps: Katherine you are GORGEOUS and happy birthday!

pppps: Jace that picture of you and Katherine from her birthday is my new favorite picture EVER! You´re a stud and I LOVE you :)

ppppps: Mom! I got your Valentines Day package and I´m so excited to open it when I get home!

Haha anyways I love you guys! Bye!

ppppppps: Heres a picture of a cute Nicaraguan baby :)

 photo DSC01083jpg.jpg

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Belle Moment

 photo DSC010.jpg

Reading letters from the family while walking through some cows. Tired but happy after a long day at work. 
 (We all started humming Little Town from Beauty and the Beast after seeing this picture :))

 photo DSC0103.jpg  photo DSC01031.jpg
A cute Little Nicaraguan boy and his dog named Tonki

 photo DSC0143.jpg