Monday, February 17, 2014

Goodbye Managua, Hello Carazo

Feb 17, 2014

Hey ya'll! 

How ARE you guys? I miss you so much! I hope everything is AWESOME over there in Utah :) Everything's great over here in Nicaragua. I just completed 11 months... Can you believe it? One more month and I'l complete a YEAR! So crazy.

I got moved out of Managua and have a new companion! I'm now in an area called Carazo with Hermana Mackay :) We both lived in Helaman Halls at the SAME time and didn't even know each other! How crazy is that? In this short week we have become dearest friends and couldn't be a happier companionship :) She is my newest and greatest blessing.

Here are a few lil pics of my dear friend Yamileth, my FAVORITE family in the world Maite, Byro and lil Nathan (he was so upset when we told him we had changes and blocked the door haha) my new companion and I in our little house, and two little Nicaraguan sisters that look just like Analisa and I :) 

I love you guys sooo much and hope you have a AWESOME week. The church is true and I love you :)

Love, Hermana Nielson

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