Monday, March 31, 2014

A New Companion & A Nicaraguan Proposal

March 24, 2014

Hey family!

Hows everything going over there in Utah?? I miss you guys like CRAZY! I miss you more than ever and hope everything is awesome for you all :)

Over here Hermana Mackay had a transfer. I was SO sad to see her go. I had never cried for a companion before until she left. Watching her go nearly broke my heart, but we’re still going to hang out a TON once we’re both in Utah, and she’s going to be a bridesmaid at my wedding.

BUT, my new companion is Hermana Vasquez from Huehuetenango Guatemala! She’s 25 and the oldest of 11 children! Her mission clothes are the 1st “normal” clothes she has ever worn in her entire life. She only wore ropa typica de Guatemala until she came here. She’s never learned how to read, write, use a computer or a cell pone. She has 4 baby months in the mission and is VERY new. And the craziest part of it all is that she doesn't speak Spanish! Hna Vasquez speaks ´Mam´ a mayan dialect. She’s very shy and doesn't talk much, but is very sweet. I know once she starts getting Spanish down a little better she’ll start opening up more. But she LOVES to clean. She cleans the entire house every night completely spotless and its so adorable haha. I’ll make sure to teach her everything I can during our time together.

We were in the middle of nowhere the other day working when the back part of my shoe completely ripped in half. I tied my scrunchie around it so it could work as a flip flop until we got home, but that didn’t last very long. Right before I was going to have to walk the rest of the way home with one shoe we came to a venta (little shop). She asked the lady there for tape, and my sweet little companion taped the entire back part of my shoe back together. Isn’t that so sweet?? It lasted until we were at the front door of the house and I could change my shoes. So no matter what happens wherever we may be, I know she’ll take care of me.

In other news, our ward Mission leader proposed to me yesterday... haha. I said no (obviously) but he told me he had received personal revelation that I was supposed to be his wife and that he would do anything to get me to fall in love with him and stuff haha. He served as AP when he served his mission in Ecuador so he thinks he’s hot stuff. After his whole shpeel I was like... no. Ha! Ahhh yep. I thought you guys would get a kick out of that.

I have been SUPER sicky for the past little while. I’ve had a scratchy throat, blood shot itchy little eyes, super stuffy/runny nose and this heat rash eczema thing all over my body. I’ve had it for like a month now and we figured out that its hay fever that comes with seasonal allergies. BUT I got a health blessing that said all of the buggies inside of me will go away. Jace is sending me some meds so I´ll be better in no time :)

Anyways, I love you guys so much. This church is so true its crazy and I hope you all have an AWESOME week :) Talk to ya´ll sooooooon :)

Love, Hna Nielson

ps: Dad. I love you :)

pps: Matthew, you’re the bomb :)

ppps: Katherine you are GORGEOUS and happy birthday!

pppps: Jace that picture of you and Katherine from her birthday is my new favorite picture EVER! You´re a stud and I LOVE you :)

ppppps: Mom! I got your Valentines Day package and I´m so excited to open it when I get home!

Haha anyways I love you guys! Bye!

ppppppps: Heres a picture of a cute Nicaraguan baby :)

 photo DSC01083jpg.jpg

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