Friday, April 18, 2014


April 14, 2014


Helloooooo to you all back in Utah! How ARE you guys?? Haha over here things have been super crazy! Tuesday was THE hottest day of the ENTIRE year. It was SO hot it felt like we were in an oven/sauna. EVERYONE was outside dripping in sweat fanning themselves with papers and stuff. It was so hot that night that we couldn't even sleep. At 2:00 am our bodies were still awake cause it was so hot. I put cold water bottles in my bed but they didn't last for very long. My poor little companion was so frustrated with the heat she started crying. I felt sooo bad for her so I moved her mattress next to the window and gave her two ibuprofen, haha.

 THEN on Thursday we had a lil earth quake! A 6.6 trembler that scared everyone so bad that come Sunday the church was PACKED with people, haha. We were walking down the street when all of the sudden I felt super dizzy... but I wasn't dizzy it was the ground shaking! I blinked to try and like focus. I then saw people start sitting in the middle of the street, so I just did what they did. When it stopped EVERYONE was screaming bloody murder 'LA SANGRE DE CRISTO!!!' (The Blood of Christ) and crying and stuff. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Haha, it was all just so funny to see everyone freaking out ya know? I was looking around for my companion cause her backpack was on the ground next to me. Lo and behold, I could see her way off in the distance running down the street screaming. I was all... where on EARTH is she going... haha! I guess she was running home to Guatemala. Hahahaha ;)

After the shake the power and water were out for 3 days! We couldn't shower or charge the phone or anything, but we got by okay using little candles.

Anyways... This week was pretty adventurous. I hope you guys have an awesome, adventurous week in a safe Utah kind of way :)

The church is TRUE and I love YOU...!

Love, Hna Nielson :)

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