Monday, July 21, 2014


July 21

Hey everyone!
Oh my GOSH I miss you guys! Can you believe I'm coming home?? I'm so excited to see you all you have no idea :D These last 21 days I have left are going to be behind me all too fast... I feel so sad that my time here is going to end, but happy to see all of you again.

We had a baptism of Saturday to a little boy named Virgilio. He is SO cute its not even funny. His older brother Wilford who is a member, was by his side the entire time. Teaching him was one of the cutest sweetest things I have ever been apart of.

The day of his baptism we needed the signiture of his grandma, but we couldnt find her! We waited at his house for an hour but she still hadnt come back. I decided to look around the house for some reason, and I found her passed OUT on her bed! She would NOT wake up for anything. We tried poking her and calling out her name but NOTHING worked. My companion thought it was hilarious so she took a picture. She woke up like half an hour later and she was concious enough to sign the paper. She fell back asleep 2 seconds later... haha! Lesson learned: Don't mess with Nicaraguans and their sleep :P

Hahaha anways... I love you all so much and cant tell you enough how much I love this gospel. These 17 months really have been the most life changing months of my entire life. I cant wait to see you all again and tell you everything that I've learned. Until then, here are a couple little pics we took this week. I love you all so much and will talk to you soon!

Love, Hermana Nielson

 photo DSC03200jpg.jpg  photo DSC03198jpg.jpg
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